The USS Asger adheres to all Bravo Fleet rules and guidelines described here. In addition to that, we also have a set of house rules to be followed:

USS Asger House Rules:

A Note Regarding the USS Asger 18+ Rating
Some storylines will take us into areas that explore very adult topics, and some of those topics will not be suitable for persons under the age of 18. I want to make sure that we're free to explore whatever story points our plots and machinations give us, so I wanted to make sure we were prepared for it. The rating is not to allow us to write foul mouthed smut gore posts. It's to allow us the freedom to tell good, rich stories.

You can see at the top of the main page a big red 18+ with "3 1 3" beneath it. For those not familiar with the RPG Ratings system, here is the breakdown:

Language 3: Pretty much anything is ratings level approved. Sometimes things get salty, and the language won't be nice. Sometimes we'll be dealing with down and dirty pirates and scum sucking sons of mothers. They won't have any of the refinement that our officers have, so it would only stand to reason that those characters may have a foul mouth. Write what fits, write what works. Please be conscious when writing anything that may be racially charge in this. Any post that is deemed to push a bigoted view point will be deleted and the player will be restricted or kicked, depending on severity.

Sexual Content 1: Romance, kissing, cuddling, closeness, that's a-okay. Making it VERY clear what's about to happen with your lovers, a-okay. But don't write what happens and post it. No explicit sexual posts aboard the Asger. Feel free to go and complete their sexual adventures privately with the the players you're writing with if they're interested, but we don't need to know all of your kinks around ship :) Technically, our 18+ rating allows us to go into detail, but this falls into the realm of house rules, and it is not to be broken.

Violence 3: Pretty much anything is ratings level approved. From time to time the enemies will be ferocious and violent and we'll have to respond in kind. It's important to be able to write that "to the hilt" as they like to say, so that we can tell the story the way we want to.

There is only one real steadfast rule that I want you to all follow:
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!

Just because you CAN write a gory violent doesn't mean you should do it every time. Just because you CAN use curse words freely doesn't mean you should have every post littered with profanity. Think about your characters, think about what the situation is, think about what's going on, but understand that when you need to... you can!

Basic House Rules
This one is the most important house rule of them all. Please please, always communicate with your command staff! If you’re going to be out of town for the weekend or week, let us know. That certainly wouldn’t require an LOA or anything, but we can at least plan accordingly for plot lines currently in motion. If you do require an LOA, please make sure you let us know! Nova has a really easy system for requesting them built in. If you’re unsure about a plot, if you’re having trouble fitting in, if you just want to say hi: Do it! We don’t bite. Much. Okay, we do bite, but it’s totally playful. Promise.

Be Respectful
Remember that the words from the other side of the computer screen are coming from a person. Be respectful to your fellow players at all times. If there are any issues, remember that your CO and XO are always available to help.

Be a Story Teller
Playing on a sim isn’t all post counts and action plots. Remember that you’re crafting a person with your writing. Your character, your NPCs, and the stories that you tell with them are what makes the Sim rich and meaningful. Don’t be afraid to tell story, and don’t be afraid to let the CO and XO know if you have ideas for new stories, or if you have ideas for integrating your character or their past into a current plot line. We love that!

Throw Wrenches
Your command team has a plot in mind. We've got a beginning and an end. How we get there... well, that's the beauty of simming. You're not just along for the ride, you're actively participating. We expect you to have ideas and effect the flow of the story. If anything is big, please let us know before you do it. If we're in the middle of a battle and you want your character to get hurt, that's aces, go for it! If we're in the middle of a tense diplomatic negotiation and you want out phasers to misfire... Let us know and make sure that's okay before you do it. Generally the rule of thumb is as follows: If it effects you or you and players who've agreed to participate in your wrench, go for it. If it's going to effect the story in a way that may effect the desired outcome of the situation, please come to the CO and XO ahead of time.

Post Often
The USS Asger requires a minimum of 1 post every two weeks from each player in any position above Assistant Department Chief. If you meet that quota, your command staff will be happy, but remember this: the more you post, the more you’ll have to post. Get yourself into every plot and narrative you reasonably can. Show us that you care and want to be involved, and we’ll make sure that you are involved. If you can't, please remember that the ship has to keep moving for the rest of the players. Talk to your CO and XO about ways to work around time constraints and real life obligations.

Have Fun
Remember, this is a “Happy Fun Time Game”. Sometimes, things don’t go our way, but that isn’t a reason to get bent out of shape and unhappy. If you need help, or guidance, if you have problems with another player, anything at all, come and talk to your CO and XO. If you’re not having fun, then something is wrong. We’re all here to have fun!