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Lieutenant Aryen Colan

Name Aryen Colan

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm
Weight 52kg
Hair Color Black/Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Of average height and slender, Aryen carries herself with quiet confidence. She has black eyes from her Betazoid heritage and wavy mass of long dark brown, nearly black hair. She keeps herself fit and exercises every day, resulting in a toned body.


Spouse Solan (Divorced)
Children None
Father Edriar Colan (Federation ambassador)
Mother Jessica (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Tavana Colan, daughter of Kretorg (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aryen is warm and friendly with a great sense of humor, mostly only amusing herself, and easily connects with people. Her name meaning "making peace" describes very much who she is. She inherited some psionic ability, but does not rely on it in her day to day interaction. She has compassion and is passionate about personal development, but she also has a tough side and does not make emotional decisions. Where her work is concerned, she is composed, serious and competent. Aryen has a cooperative approach in her counseling and uses modern styles of counseling. She is not a psycho-analyst.
She has an adventurous side, is independent and enjoys challenges.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Insightful, innovative, adaptable, compassionate, balanced, fair, has a strategic mind, and see patterns easily. Likes to be challenged.
Weaknesses: Cherry liqueur chocolates. Can be impulsive at times, can miss details, hates routine tasks and procrastinates then, putting it off to the last minute, gets bored easily.
Ambitions Aryen would like to do a command course, but currently wants to make a name for herself in her field
Hobbies & Interests She has varied interests. She keeps physically fit doing some jogging, practicing the martial arts she learned on Vulcan and Qon'oS, and whatever is interesting, as long as it is not the same every day. She loves equestrian sport and competed in dressage at an intermediate level. The one thing she tries to do every day, is riding her holo horse. She also likes cooking, dabbling in art, and ancient Celtic music. She also has a lovely voice, but only sings when she is alone.
Greatest Fear Frogs, and anything with 6 legs or more. She is more scared or a moth than she is of going into a battle situation...
Wildest Dream Being on a ship that accidentally ends up in another galaxy or a completely unexplored region of space. She is an explorer at heart.

Personal History Aryen spent her early years on earth until her mother, Jessica passed away when she was 7. Her father, Edriar Colan, was a Betazoid diplomat with Starfleet at the time. After Jessica's death he accepted a diplomatic appointment on Vulcan. Aryen attended a Vulcan school and was trained in logic and to utilize her telepathic potential.

Her father then accepted a special appointment on Qon;oS and remained there for three years. She attended school there, but were bullied frequently. One of the teachers, an old warrior, M'orgh, noticed her resilience and determination and the way she managed to stand her ground at times. He took her under his wing and taught her to use her abilities in anticipating the intentions of her adversaries to her advantage. She had fast reflexes and had typical Betazoid flexibility, so she became quite proficient in using blade weapons. This resulted in her gaining respect and honor and friendships.

When her father was offered a position at the Federation as an ambassador, they moved back to Earth when she was 15.
Her father traveled extensively and Aryen never missed an opportunity to join him on missions. She wanted to serve in the same capacity since she could remember. However, what a tragic event caused her cousin, X'ara to live with them, Aryen discovered her passion for helping others dealing with trauma. It changed the direction her career would take. She entered Starfleet academy at the first opportunity, and trained as a counselor.

Her first posing was on Starbase 235, where she gained considerable experience. The Chief counselor was often not there, so Aryen did far more than was expected initially. That opened the way for a field promotion to Lt JG and a position of Assistant Chief counselor on the USS Heii. There she remained for 3 years and accepted a Chief position on the USS Wolfe. There she met Solan, the Vulcan CDO. She felt increasingly drawn to him after he had to assist her to deal with loosing her psionic abilities on a mission gone wrong. They engaged in a mind meld three times. She was sure he was drown to her too, but he insisted that it was illogical. However, when he approached Ponfar and with no Vulcan woman available and no way to return to Vulcan, he reached out to her. She gladly made herself available. They even went as far as to get married. Aryen was so happy. She had fallen deeply in love with Solan. However, it soon fell apart when Solan said he accepted a post on another ship and did not see the separation as problematic. She wanted to go with him, but he then told her that her immature logical ability needed to be developed more before she would be ready to stay with him for any prolonged period of time. It devastated her and she filed for divorce.

When she heard she could apply for a position on a ship her cousin was serving, she jumped at the chance to get as far away from Solan as she could. This was the IKC VaQbach, a Klingon vessel, but with a large compliment of Starfleet officers with a mission into the Beta quadrant. There she served until it was lost while she and a few others were on shore leave. After three months the search was called off and the ship was officially declared lost.

That was three months ago and Aryen only now feels ready to start working again. She has not given up hope that one day the ship and crew will be found.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Betazoid, Vulcan, Klingon.
Service Record Starbase 235: Counselor - Ensign
: Assistant Chief Counselor - Lt JG
USS Heii : Assitant Chief counselor - Lt JG
USS Wolfe: Chief Counselor - LtJG
IKC VaQbach : Chief counselor- Lieutenant.