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Master Warrant Officer Benjiman Gates

Name Benjiman Franklin Gates II

Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Master Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11''
Weight 190
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description
Physical Appearance: Ben takes care of his body, by working out, eating right for the most part, and doing cardio. He doesn't lift weights so, he's not overly muscular but at the same time, he does have a toned and taut torso and a decent six-pack. His hair is dirty blond that during the summer, or whenever he's exposed to a lot of sun turns almost strawberry blond. He wears it just within regulation guidelines.

His eyes area clear arctic blue that reflect the light, but depending on his mood can darken to an indigo blue.

He has been described by the ladies and a few jealous men as easy on the eyes. And while he doesn't like to brag about it, he is aware of how others judge his appearance
He has an infectious. charming smile that he has used more than once to his advantage.

When on duty, he is always in a freshly replicated uniform which he does his best to keep immaculate. When off duty, he is just the opposite, preferring much more casual and relaxed clothing.


Spouse None
Children None that he knows about or claims but...
Father Benjamin Franklin Gates 51
Mother Amanda Marshall Gates 53
Brother(s) Kyle Alexander Gates 27 Brian Joseph Gates 25
Sister(s) Emily Ann Gates 20
Other Family None to speak of

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ben is generally easy-going and quick to smile. It takes a lot to get him angry, but once his fuse is lit he tends to stay that way. If pushed he can take a stand and defend himself and he doesn’t mind throwing a punch, even if it is the first one. Like his father before him, he is something of a rake. He is not particularly romantic, so personal relationships, especially long term ones, are difficult for him. He does have a strong sense of duty and justice. He has a love/hate relationship with his twin Kyle. Though identical in appearance the two men are polar opposites in every other way, and he has had to bail Kyle out, literally, more than once.

He believes in the chain of command and is pretty straight-laced and by the book.

He is analytical and lets the facts guide his decisions in life and is committed to following the evidence regardless of where it leads.

The exception to that concept is on the personal level. When it comes to relationships or liaisons, it's not his big head that he thinks with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Analytic
Can be emotional
Better strategist than tactician
Tends to follow the rules even when he should question them.

Ambitions He would like to rise in the ranks but has no desire to command his own ship. He would rather teach at the Academy some day.
Hobbies & Interests Ben enjoys reading, spending time in his lab, doing analysis, and of course, flirting with women, and if he is lucky doing more than just flirting with them.

Greatest Fear He has two, almost equal fears. The first is that the evidence he uses in an investigation will send an innocent person to a penal colony. The second is that he won't be able to find evidence and the guilty will go free.
Wildest Dream To be able to pass his knowledge and expertise on to future generations.

Personal History Ben Gates Senior was a rising star in Starfleet, his name was mentioned in the same breath as Archer, Kirk, and Picard. But Ben was both a risk-taker and a womanizer. His wife Amanda caught him in bed with one too many women and kicked him to the curb. Shortly after that, his predilection to take risks backfired in a big way when a ship under his command was destroyed with only a handful of survivors. This sent him into a skid that he almost didn’t recover from.

Booze was his drug of choice and he was drunk more than he was sober. Finally, through a friend, he got the help he needed. Eventually, he was given command of a Defiant-class ship called the Resistance. The ship did the dirty missions Starfleet didn’t want to talk about or admit to and his crew had the nickname of Gate’s Misfits. Among those assigned to his crew was Amanda, his estranged wife. Over time trust was rebuilt and a friendship developed. The friendship turned romantic and eventually they were remarried. Ben kicked the alcohol addiction, stopped the womanizing and reduced the risk-taking.

On May 30. 2363 Amanda gave birth to twin boys, onboard ship. It was a rather unusual birth as the two boys were conjoined, a rare enough occurrence but they were Craniopagus twins. Their skulls were fused but each had separate bodies. Their foreheads were joined together. Not until they were three was it considered safe enough to perform the surgery to separate them.

The boys were named Kyle Alexander and Benjamin Aaron. Not only did they have their own language as many twins do, but since they were conjoined in the fashion they were they are able to read each other’s thoughts. They have to be in line of sight of each other, or within ten meters to read thoughts and emotions and within 100 meters to sense and locate the other’s presence.

Both Ben and Amanda stayed in Starfleet until the end of the Dominion war in 2475 when they retired

The boys were pretty much inseparable in grade school and middle school and would often fool their teachers taking classes that each of them liked.

In High School, they were still close, but their differences really started to manifest at that time. Kyle realized he was gay and much more romantic than Ben. He didn’t start dating until his sophomore year and only had one boyfriend during that time and they didn’t start sleeping together until they were both Seniors. Ben, on the other hand, used his charm to befriend, seduce, then leave girls.

In other ways though, Ben was the more responsible of the two. He was very much by the book and had an interest in following in their uncle’s footsteps in law enforcement. Kyle, on the other hand, was a smooth talker, with a glib tongue. He found he was very good at convincing people and developed the ability to tell lies with a straight face.

Kyle joined the Academy but dropped out after his first year the structure was too much for him and his penchant for bending the rules would more than likely have gotten him expelled had he continued.

Ben decided to follow in the footsteps of his uncle rather than his father and attended Loyola University in New Orleans where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forensic Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. During his internship while obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree he worked for Star Fleet Headquarters.
Ben enjoyed the classes in forensics and criminology, and did well in those classes, but also has some training in reading people’s body language and in interrogation. techniques.
Languages Spoken Standard, Vulcan, a little Romulan
Service Record 2379-2383 Layola University
2385-2387 MS Sam Francisco State
285-2387 Star Fleet NCO training
2387-2389 USS Lincoln
2389- Present USS Asger

He's now a Senior Warrant Officer.