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Civilian Hare-Jeycid

Name Hare-Jeycid

Position Passenger

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10” (177.8m)
Weight 134lbs. (60.7kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown, wavy and curly
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description The first thing people notice about Hare-Jeycid is his skin tone. Like most Orions of the better-known “Imperial” (Ur’eon) species, his is a dusky green. Hare is of the ethnicity that leans toward blue-tinted undertones rather than olive undertones. He has the Orion equivalent of freckles on his cheeks, shoulders, chest and upper back.

Hare-Jeycid is dark eyed and dark haired- his hair is a dark brown with a vague reddish lean when it sun-bleaches. He further follows the list of Orionisms with round bedroom eyes and a prominent nose.

Like all Orions, Hare-Jeycid “smells” (technically, he has a taste). It is not an unpleasant scent per se, but Orions have a pungent body chemistry. The layered, complex scent has subtle changes according to mood and diet. Orions smell of androstenone. It is an evasive scent that is very alluring to some, but makes others uneasy. Female Orion pheromones which raise adrenaline to dangerous levels in males are related but lack a “smell.”

Most describe Orions as having an indescribable odor that no one metaphor fits perfectly. Anything from “like sex” or “hypnotic,” to “sweet and earthy” or “rotting wood and oak leaves,” have all been advanced. It is a scent that isn’t picked up by the nose, but is tasted on the back palate when near an Orion.

Hare-Jeycid is aware of this and how it makes some uncomfortable. He does what he can to reduce it, but he cannot completely eliminate it.

Hare-Jeycid cares about his physique. Orions treat the ill and infirm as people they must care for unless they have some means to support themselves (i.e. wealth or temporal power). Hare spends an appreciable amount of time staying fit. He prefers to jog, swim and practice elements of Tatharoc (Humans would recognize it as like pilates). Hare isn’t bulky or massive like a stereotypical Orion but he has a lean, strong build.

As an individual, Hare-Jeycid is an interesting combination of somewhat verbally reserved, but confident and relaxed. He is graceful when he needs to be, but he lacks the full on swagger or arrogant looming qualities of most Orion males. He smiles easily- maybe too easily for an Orion. In his body language, he is an odd hybrid of instinctual Orion body language- Cluros- but acquired Human mannerisms as well. He fits neither entirely.

Hare prefers to wear his curly hair at shoulder length and though he was found by his adoptive parents with his head shaved as typical of some Orion men, he’s come to prefer having hair. He has a broad mouth with a straight bow shape, high cheekbones and a subtle overbite. His eyes are warm and friendly, lacking in the haughty arrogance of his species. He appears occasionally precocious and not very prudent.

Hare has picked up that Humans are a lot more prudish than Orions about showing skin, jewelry or demonstrating sensuality. Humans wear uniforms and simple, usually unadorned clothes with little jewelry. Hare bows to that but always with an Orion twist. He is fond of simple bracelets, armlets, choker bands and necklaces. He also likes rings and finger or thumb gauntlets. He seldom wears more than two or three pieces at any one time- usually a ring, an armlet and a bracelet. He is fond of subdued, dark colors- black, navy, maroon- usually with a sleeveless look. He usually prefers to keep his arms bared and he likes slinky clothing.


Father Hur-Jasso (Tahedrin; Orion- Deceased. Jasso was an exotic spice trader with a chain of supply franchises across Ferengi, Hupyrian, Dopterian and Farian space), Kione Gray (Adopted Father. Kione is a Xenobotanist). Hare-Jeycid knows of one other Orion man who was a Stepfather.
Mother Vaina (Biological Mother; Orion- Deceased. Vaina was Jasso’s business partner and as so often, the real power behind the throne. She owned the freighters.), Bryah Gray (Adopted Mother. Bryah is an Exobiologist).
Brother(s) Nimruc (Age 27- a strongman for the Orion Syndic. Nimruc sees Hare as soft but useful), Tiret (Age 24- a male prostitute and netboy for the Orion Syndic; works with Nimruc. Like Hare, he is more lithe and graceful than brutish. He may also be an assassin but has computer knowledge.)
Sister(s) Nysa (Age 19. Nysa is still young and appears to be an entertainer, dancer and singer. Her affiliations are unknown to Hare-Jeycid and the family at large.)
Other Family Vonnuc (Vaina and Hur-Jasso’s shared concubine; sort of Hare-Jeycid’s Stepfather. Vonnuc was kind of a loser- he may also be Hare and Tiret’s real father. He is a thin, gangly Orion with exceptional computer hacking skills and a head for crunching numbers. He worked the family business but was not on the freighter when it encountered the cosmic filament. He has assumed control of the business. Technically Vonnuc is now tahedrin, but Nimruc regularly challenges his decisions).

Personality & Traits

General Overview With an understanding of the social pressures Orion culture puts on its youth as something deemed necessary, Hare-Jeycid is still closer to an academic than an athlete. The lens he looks at the world through is that of a thoughtful, curious person with an interest in immersing himself in society and culture. He also exhibits an unusual interest in the past (and few Orions acknowledge its importance, making Hare “weird”).

“Who are you today?” It is the question Hare-Jeycid asks himself in the mirror everyday. It’s a statement of establishing his Cluros for the day: giving himself permission to keep his most true, intimate self in the safety of his bedroom while interacting with the outer world. It is him putting on his mask. His Cluros mask is largely dependent on what his ultimate goal of the day is.

Human psychological profiles don’t precisely fit Orion psychology. Orions are by nature more impulsive, passionate, secretive about themselves, but open-minded and “streetwise” than Human baselines. They are also a culture that celebrates being deceitful, being deliberately confusing and they relish in material gain. They often have a sense of ennui- that the world is pointless, so enjoy what you can. Hare has elements of all of these Orion facets. But if measured in a Human way, Hare-Jeycid is probably a soft INFJ or INTJ.

Orionic “introversion” comes in the form of how much one projects of their true self vs. their mask, as well as the traditional view that they are expending energy with others and recouping it alone. Hare is marginally introverted, mostly because he lives with aliens and he needs space and privacy to “be an Orion.”

Hare is a person who generally likes people. He tries to find something to like about most. But he also trusts his gut. When operating in an unknown setting he tends to stay to the walls until he has his reading on what the room is like. Then he’ll move in. Hare is also incredibly difficult to get to know personally. He keeps his true self safe and protected, and for people he cares to reveal his true self to.

As a person, Hare is both soft spoken and flirtatious, sometimes mysterious and cunning, often with a low level irreverence. He has strong opinions but doesn’t necessarily share them- even if he will move to see what he thinks is right, happen. Hare is a little unusual for a science-leaning person in that he speaks in warm, emotional and Human terms rather than cold logic and data.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Quick, Strategic Thinking- Hare has a witty mind. He is quick, perceptive and culturally and mentally flexible. In Human terms it is akin to “streetwise.” He is good at sizing up the mood of a room with his senses (but mostly, intuition). Most of the time he applies it to understanding the cultures and situations he finds himself in. He is an alien in an alien society.

Open-Minded- Hare will try almost anything twice. Though he makes a judgment of what works for him, he is open minded enough to accept what works for others. He is open to new ideas and new experiences. It is one area that Orions and Humans find common ground. Both enjoy the novel experience. Orions take it a step farther and ask if it is marketable. Hare has a mind for that, but it’s a diminished interest.

Well-Rounded- Orion culture focuses on the body, on emotions, on one’s intuition and on staying a step ahead. Humans value knowledge, art and culture. The result for Hare is a young, learning person with broad interests, some of which will deepen over time. He likes to try many things- part of being open minded- and those things add to a general level of interest and skill. He has physical and mental interests and an appreciation for the artistic (though he hasn’t recognized in himself any artistic talent yet).

Determined- When Hare likes what he is doing, he puts in long hours to see it through. As long as it is relevant to him and his goals, he has the fortitude to see things through no matter how uncomfortable it can be.

Loathes Too Much Structure- Few Orions can blindly follow anything. They need to understand why. Hare-Jeycid is very typical in that respect. He has no love for autocrats or bureaucrats who will enforce a pointless law or outdated tradition, “because they need to.” Hare needs to understand the whys and if it is questionable or burdensome, he may try to circumvent it.

Sensitive- The quickest way to Hare’s bad side is to question his motives. A lot of personality types like Hare-Jeycid’s are sensitive and vulnerable to both criticism and conflict. He tends to have an alarmingly strong response that his Cluros cannot fully veil.

Extremely Private- Hare’s privacy doesn’t equate to being withdrawn. But he is cautious and deflects most questions about his true self. The Federation is absolutely an open and welcoming place- but it is not free of its prejudices. Hare is a member of a species with an inconsistent approach to dealing with Humans- mostly because the Orion “state” is an illusion. People do look at his green skin and its perfectly natural for them to ask if he is friend or foe. Hare has learned that through observation and is deeply cautious of protecting himself as a result.

Cluros- Cluros is the Orionic attempt to civilize a passionate, sensual and violent species of predators. As much as it teaches self-discipline and loyalty, it also explicitly binds Orions with few venues of release for their primordial instincts. It couches it in terms of social success and social shame. It is also contradictory: it is a path to personal freedom from base instincts, the promotion of a collective confidence, but also one that demands absolute loyalty to the family and clan- even to the point of giving up one’s freedom, success and life.
Ambitions There is an Orion saying: An Orion without a vision, is a slave to the vision of others. That pulls on Hare-Jeycid. He’s only sixteen, he’s in a foreign land and is largely cut off from the influences of his people. He has notions of ambition, but they aren’t fully realized yet. He knows he wants to travel and meet other cultures. But he also wants to go home to see Vondem, or at least what he remembers of Vondem. He’s considered maybe his future is in science. But he isn’t sure if archaeology or xenoculture are a future career or just an enthusiasm. He knows he’d like to go to school, either at a university or in the Academy. He’s not sure which. The routine and regimen of Starfleet would be a challenge to him.
Hobbies & Interests Tatharoc- Tatharoc is an Orion martial sport, and a broadcast bloodsport around the Orion colonies. The broadcast fights have less in common with the true Tatharoc martial style and are more like stylized wrestling or boxing matches. Tatharoc is Orion’s version of Mixed Martial Arts Championships.

The martial style has a lot in common with terrestrial Krav Maga or Jujitsu and was created to deal with the more animalistic and vicious nature that Bound Orions can exhibit. Tatharoc is also an open spectacle of Cluros and truly great Tatharoqi maintain a cool, confident swagger while demeaning their opponents.

Hare-Jeycid’s interest is akin to a Human boy’s fascination with wrestling or a team sport. Orions have Tatharoc celebrities like Humans have Soccer celebrities. Hare-Jeycid measures his physicality and prowess to a Tatharoqi like a Human boy might a football player. He’s interested in it, but not so interested that he wants to be a professional Tatharoqi.

Cluros- Orions are not known to follow a code of conduct, according to outsiders. That’s not true. Though not as near-universal like Klingon “Honor” or Vulcan T’plana Hath, Orions would say a successful, admirable Orion follows Cluros. Hare is Orion enough that he cares what they think of him, and he feels the loyalty pull he has toward the estranged portion of his family.

Hare does try to live by the important points of Cluros- take nothing for free, care for the less able, never reveal your temper, need for vengeance or frustration to a foe, maintain a cool and even exterior, be (almost unquestionably) loyal to your family and friends, and live your life in the moment- as a good Orion is willing to give it up when Cluros to the family demands it.

Hare idealizes the concept and battles what he considers to be some of the baser, more animalistic tendencies of his race. But they are never far behind him, always under a thin surface seeking out weakness in his control. He only lets it off leash in very specific situations. Hare comes from a species of predators with a veneer of civility. And though he is estranged from his family, he still does what he can to respect them, to not dishonor them and to uphold what he thinks he can. He is very loyal, and honest to those he gives his word.

Archaeology- Hare’s interest in archaeology is eccentric to his Orion contemporaries who would say he’s wasting his time. Hare doesn’t quite understand the appeal it has on him either. It might be an odd form of safe empathy and connection: Hare describes archaeology as touching things that long dead people touched. He’s fascinated by how people lived “back then” as much as he is interested in how they live now.

Collecting Masks and idols- This one is subtle and ultimately very Orion in an un-Orion way. To Hare, it is collecting and protecting the faces of cultures, spirits and stories and also the metaphor of not showing one’s true face to anyone. It is also a tactile, material thing. What is a mask, if not a chameleon’s tool?

Xenoculture- As ironic as it may seem, studying alien cultures is considered a proud pursuit to the Orions. The irony lies in the fact that they tend to be quite insular and at times avoidant of alien species. Only when an alien culture is deemed worthy of contact do they act.

Orions are cultural chameleons, one of the lesser dictates of Cluros. Orionic culture borrows, hybridizes and sometimes plain rips off other alien cultures which they integrate into their own. In order to facilitate good initial relations, Orions go to great lengths to learn the laws, customs and social mores of alien beings so as to better fit in to their cultures.

This is a form of novel deceit that some Orions revel in (and it elicits the same feelings Humans would feel about using sarcasm). Orionic culture suggests that “to become” or “to experience” is better than dry “measuring” or “comparing” similarities and differences to understand something better. The ultimate goal is commerce and trade (and occasionally, if a species is so in need of protection, enslavement). It is not surprising to discover that the Orions have no form of the Prime Directive.

Hare-Jeycid’s interest is a little less deceitful and born more out of his own curiosity. But he does enjoy assimilating into other cultures in the same immersive method.

Greenhouses- Vondem is a hot, humid world. Greenhouses remind Hare of home. It helps that his adoptive mother is very fond of them as well, being a Botanist. Hare visits greenhouses and other forms of humid hot houses when he’s feeling homesick or too distant from his roots.
Greatest Fear Alone, trapped on a hostile world with no way to get off.
Wildest Dream Probably to curate his own museum gallery of extensive, rare archaeological finds

Personal History Life on Vondem:
Vondem is one of the many Orion Colonies that may or may not be the ancestral Orion homeworld. It doesn’t matter much to the Orions themselves who act less like a galacto-political power and more on a planetary or even just familial-clan basis. Hare-Jeycid was born into the sweltering, swampy jungle of this world, named after an Orion equivalent of a “Fortune-” Jeyacit, the Fortune of Male Virility. Though Hur-Jasso claimed Hare as his child, there is circumstantial evidence that he and his older brother Nimruc are Vonnuc’s through Vaina.

Hare-Jeycid’s family was the Orion equivalent of the bourgeoisie: enough that they could live and work in some of the dense but architecturally rich cities. Hare-Jeycid’s family was typically Orion in most ways: he remembers bartering for treats as a child, practicing keeping cool when his older brothers testing his resolve. He remembers the thrill of savagery and blood in watching live Tatharoc, wishing he could bask in the celebrity of being Tatharoqi.

But Hare-Jeycid also remembers when his brothers and he would stole away into the jungles for things they could barter and sell to show their ingenuity. Hare-Jeycid habitually came up with things that sometimes disappointed his tahedrin, though his mother was insistent “All things have wealth, to someone.” What Hare-Jeycid tended to find were ancient stone bits and pieces. He vividly remembers his first encounter with what must have been ancient orion culture. The jungle is riddled with such things, as many cities on Vondem are layer cakes of forgotten history. His first encounter was a rain-weathered statue of a robust, well-endowed hermaphrodite Fortune, their name likely a long forgotten one. His parents declared it worthless as what had likely made it beautiful once had been removed somehow. But Hare-Jeycid had questions.

It was the beginning of Hare-Jeycid’s recognized “eccentricity” and gradually it eclipsed his normal drive for profit (though not his desire to be a good Orion, he just thought there was something more to all this forgotten past).

Life on Weytan and Aboard the Urqinzhe Roha:
Hur-Jasso’s business dealings on Vondem began to sour when Hare-Jeycid was nine. He was still a little fish, but he’d grown large enough that some of the sharks sensed his family and holdings were chipping away at their profits. Some of the downturn was simply a postwar financial funk, and the ensuing economic vacuum of events that happened around the Romulan Star Empire’s heart, with the explosion of the Hobus star.

The family left Vondem for Weytan Prime, another Orion holding closer to the Alpha Quadrant. There, Hur-Jasso’s business fortunes exploded as his trade connected several species along new trade routes. Flush with new money, Hur-Jasso was privately invited to join the Syndic on an advisory basis, and his children could be granted rights and privileges in the cartel if they flourished. Hare-Jeycid’s older brothers took to the idea. Nimruc and Tiret took to the idea. Nimruc enjoyed terrorizing “lesser” races to pay their tributes and dues to the Syndic while Tiret went the route of a velvet glove, a tight body and a pleasing eye. Hur-Jasso largely focused on his expanding business, leaving Jaina, Nysa and Hare-Jeycid to the new home.

Hare-Jeycid found Weytan dull: it was not a new holding, but the Orions of Weytan bulldozed and imploded anything old to regularly build anew. Bathed in neon and ever and ever taller structures, Weytan has a Las Vegas frenetic feeling and is constantly reinventing everything but its sense of seedy desperation.

The Cosmic Filament:
Hare-Jeycid was eleven standard years old when his mother, the tahedrin, some of their slaves and some franchise middle management were aboard the Urqinzhe Roha. Such trips were very common. They were making their way through Federation space towards Ennan VI to open up a new market. Their vessel encountered a cosmic filament which ended in catastrophe. The ship was splintered into hunks of debris. The closest Federation starship was the Sirocco, a Saber-class. The Sirocco had been travelling to Antares Shipyard for a minor refit after eighteen months on the postwar front.

The only survivor of the filament was a wounded eleven year old boy, found in an escape pod floating in the debris. His wounds weren’t severe- broken ribs, a fractured arm and a lot of bruises. The Human he encountered was a woman named Bryah Hammond at the time, the only member of the crew who could speak Orionese without need of the UT.

Ward of the State and Fostering:
Hare-Jeycid was taken aboard the Sirocco by engaged couple Bryah Hammond and Kione Gray and the process of trying to locate surviving family was underway. But politics made the situation worse: in the mid-2380s the Syndic had been on an upswing and the Federation was cracking down where it could in its space. The Orion Syndic opened new fronts and exploited the situation in Romulan space for their gain. As a result none of Hare-Jeycid’s family could be located, let alone contacted. Hare existed in a state of limbo.

Bryah and Kione married and transferred to a new starbase that was a lynchpin to several terraforming operations in the rimward sector. It was named Outpost Attenborough. Hare, wanting out from under the gray, rather dull system of the Federation back on Earth had been in contact with the Grays and they had been monitoring his situation from afar. As the situation with the Syndic showed no signs of abating, the Grays offered to foster the Orion boy until a more permanent political fix could be had. Kione came to Earth to collect him, and they began the long process of patriating the Orion child to at least understand Federation customs, if not necessarily take them on as his own.

Hare-Jeycid ended up living with the Grays for going on four years, with regular Federation cultural consults on how to raise an Orion boy, until contact with family was finally made. It was with not the tahedrin, Vonnuc, but with his still-not-of-age older sister, Nysa. Nysa told the Federation it was best that Hare-Jeycid stay away and that the family wasn’t a safe or secure place. Hare-Jeycid was, of course, devastated.

Outpost Attenborough:
It has been nearly two years since then: the Grays have largely adopted Hare-Jeycid though it is not yet a formality. They recently transferred aboard the USS Asger to pursue exploration of new animal and plant life as a shift in sector resources shuttered Outpost Attenborough for the time being. Primordial life had been found on one of the worlds to be terraformed and the process was stopped to determine if it was indeed native or invasive.

For a third of his life now, Hare-Jeycid has lived among foreigners who partially understand and also very much do not understand his thinking. He’s becoming a hybrid of the two, though still Orion in his heart. He feels betrayed and hurt that his family left him, and a mix of anger but also thanks that the Grays have taken him in.
Languages Spoken Orion Trade Tongue, Federation Standard, Vondem Dialect; he speaks a little Ferengi