Who Can Catch the Sky

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The USS Asger is sent to Eelis IX, a colony world on the outskirts of Federation Territory. Recent scans from the world have revealed that it is no longer verdant and filled with life, but has reverted to what Federation Scientists believe was it's protoplanet state. Starfleet fears that this may be related to the same pirates that took over Everbright colony, and want the Asger and her crew to investigate.

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Asger - Spear of God

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The USS Asger is fresh out of dry dock and awaiting her crew to arrive at Starbase 36 for departure to the Galactic South.

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Everbright Colony

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The USS Asger is sent to a small colony known as Everbright on a quiet little world known as Aldere IV. The locals have reported some mysterious happenings with the crops and the local woodlands. Starfleet command suspects some sort of local wildlife is the culprit.

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Shore Leave - An Internal Affair

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The crew of the Asger return to Starbase 114 for a much needed shore leave after a difficult mission. A surprise appearance by internal affairs, however, quickly dissolves their solace.

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