Name Description
USS Asger The USS Asger is a heavily modified Norway-class vessel that has been specially outfitted to operate as a first response vessel. She has a reinforced hull and bulkhead structure, and has improved weapons systems and warp capabilities. Her cargo bays have been refitted to serve as science labs or triage areas for medical services.
Type 9 Shuttlecraft Designed to be a long-range, high-speed craft, the Type-9 shuttle has become a staple of Starfleet deployments. The multi-task shuttle is well suited for any type of mission that may require long range scounting and recon, but is versatile enough to work for almost any mission type. It's well armed, well defended, and equipped with an advanced deflector dish and enhanced scanner system, to enhance it's multi-role abilities.
Type 11 Shuttlecraft Designed the be the perfect balance of capable and cost effect, the Type-11 Shuttlecraft has made itself indespensible among Starfleet vessels. Designed to be a starship in the body of a shuttle, the Type-11 boasts improved shielding, micro-torpedo launchers, and an impressive warp engine for a craft it's size. Complete with transporter and replicator station, this shuttles versatility is second to none.
Delta Flyer-class Runabout Based on the craft created by the crew of the USS Voyager while lost in the Delta Quadrant, the Delta Flyer-class is a blending of advanced Federation technology, new discoveries by the crew of Voyager and tech specific to the Delta Quadrant. The ship is fast, impressively armed, and heavily defended. She boasts weaponry developed off of Borg technology and a transporter system.
Argo-class Transport The Argo-class is the newest Federation special mission atmospheric shuttle. The shuttle features swept wings and a large aft loading door. The shuttle is equipped with a single all terrain ground vehicle that can fit in the aft compartment. If the vehicle is carried, the maximum capacity of the Argo is 4 persons. The Argo Class Transport can be piloted by remote.
Workbee-class Maintenance Shuttle A Workbee is a type of small utility craft which is used throughout the Federation. The name, sometimes split into two words, Work Bee, is derived from the craft's small size and the distinctive yellow color which most 'bees were painted. They are are also referred to as cargo management units.

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