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Intelligence Conflict

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 10:24pm by Lieutenant Commander R'Tan & Commander Keith Anderson

Mission: Shore Leave - An Internal Affair
Location: SFI Offices, Asger

Sorvek wasted no time leaving the security offices and making a b-line to the SFI offices down on Deck 13. He marched in and spotted a Romulan with Lieutenant Commander pips and marched toward him, "Commander R'Tan, I presume." He said, curtly.

Looking up from the PaDD he was working on, he noticed the Vulcan standing in his office. He then looked back down at his PaDD. "What can I help you with? I'm very busy." R'Tan has no qualms with this man. He just gets a kick out of trying to irritate those that have roles where they tend to take themselves too seriously. And who would take themselves more seriously than a Vulcan in Internal Affairs.

"You are interfering in an Internal Affairs investigation," Sorvek replied flatly.

"Oh?" R'Tan puts down the PaDD and stares directly at the Vulcan. "And how am I doing that, exactly?"

"You are conducting a side investigation that has the potential of tainting my witnesses and hindering my efforts to ascertain the truth," Sorvek said, simply.

"I don't know what you are talking about Commander. You are investigating the crew to ascertain if they are criminals or not. I am investigating the the situation and trying to ascertain who did this so the actual bad guys can be brought to justice." He leaned forward in his chair. "Clearly, and logically speaking, those are two separate investigations that really only interfere with each other in the sense that we are talking to the same people." He paused and looked concerned. "Were...Were you involved in this somehow?"

"An odd leap in logic to make," Sorvek replied, simply. "No, however we are discussing the same incidences, the same matters, and the same concepts. However, your investigation is not the same as mine, therefore information that I wish to not be shared from one individual to the next may, in fact, be shared. Thus polluting my investigation. You are to cease interview the crew until I have completed my investigation," He said, seriously.

R'Tan leaned back in his chair and narrowed his eyes. "Interesting. That is very...Very interesting."

Sorvek worked his jaw a bit and arched an eyebrow, "What is interesting, Lieutenant Commander," He said, flatly.

"It seems that you are more interested in finding blame in the crew and not actually solving this. In fact, it almost seems like you are trying to prevent me from figuring out who is involved." R'Tan stood up, walked behind his chair and placed his hands on the back of said chair. "You know, one of my initial theories is this was an inside job. That someone in Starfleet was the person responsible. I was starting to move away from that theory, but now I am not so sure I should. You weren't involved in this incident, were you Commander? I mean, what better way to cover up your involvement by investigating it yourself."

"If there is blame to be found, I seek it. Otherwise, I seek to ensure that no blame is unduely given. My job serves both Starfleet and this crew, though some have a difficulty seeing this," Sorvek replied. "Your attempts at upsetting me are for naught. I applaud your efforts to seek out the people behind this, however, I need them to not happen during my initial investigation. Are we of an accord, Lieutenant Commander?" Sorvek pressed.

"I am only trying to do my job. As you are. How bout if I compartmentalize my information. I have no intention of sharing it with anyone until I am ready to finalize the case. There is no problem with me polluting your investigation."

"I will provide you a list of people I have already interviewed after I interview them. You may speak to them, but no one else until my investigation is completed. That is a reasonable request, and it is the most I will accommodate," He said, his tone unwavering. "If you refuse it, you will be charged with obstruction."

"Are you giving me an order Commander?"

"Computer, with regard to the ongoing investigation into the events of Aldere IV, who's authority stands with regard to interaction with witnesses or evidence related to the case between Lt. Commander R'Tan and myself," Sorvek asked.

"Command Authority would fall to Lt. Commander Sorvek in this case," The computer replied, helpfully.

"Yes," Sorvek replied, simply. "I am giving you an order, Commander."

"Well, good thing you don't outrank me, so I don't have to listen. However. I will accept your terms, but I would like one more stipulation. I would like to start some research on the devices that were used. May I speak to specific members of the crew in regards specifically to the usage and operation of the devices?

"We share a rank, however my authority overrides yours in this situation, Commander," Sorvek replied, his tone a bit strained as he fought to control his frustration. "Similarly to if you tried to overrule the XO, you would not have sufficient authority to do so," He said. "That being said, you may research the technology as I already have sufficient data there, but you may *only* interview the people with whom I've already spoken. I trust we are clear on this?" Sorvek replied, flatly.

R'Tan stood at attention. "Sir, yes sir. We are as clear as we can be."

Sorvek narrowed his eyes at the Romulan, convinced that he was being given a run around, but he let it go with a nod, "Thank you, Commander. That will be all," and with that, turned on his heel and left, off to find his next Target.

~Good thing I have all this espionage experience.~ R'Tan thought. ~Now is the right time to start using it.~



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