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Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 6:18am by Lieutenant Vic Hebron

Mission: Shore Leave - An Internal Affair
Location: Lounge

It had been a little more than the half hour promised when Nim finally stepped out of her quarters, thanks to a slight delay in Sickbay where she was needed to consult on a case with one of the junior doctors. Thankfully it was an easy enough case to resolve with a little thought, and she only lost about fifteen minutes, but by the time she got back to her quarters she knew time was very quickly ticking down.

Twenty minutes later Nim was dressed in an ankle length skirt and light sweater, brushing her still damp hair down her back. Tossing the brush on the couch, she slid her feet into a pair of flat sandals, she headed out of her quarters and made her way to the lounge, hoping she hadn't kept him waiting too long.

Vic had struggled to get anymore work done after Nim's visit so he had shut down early and headed to his quarters to try and figure out what to wear. His people traditionally wore loose fitting cloths that resembled close to Martial Arts Gi made out of varies colors and fabrics. After trying on just about all he had in his closet he settled on one that was a shade lighter then navy blue.

He had only been in the lounge for a few minutes and was waiting on his first drink when he heard the doors slide open and he turned over his shoulder to see a stunning Nim in the door way. He went to stand and greet her but he slammed his hard thigh into the table almost knocking it over. He caught the table and steadied it looking up with a bashful smile.

Nim smiled, managing barely to suppress the giggle. If she had somehow managed to miss him with her initial cursory glance around the room, he certainly stood out now. She made her way to the table, offering an apologetic smile. "I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long?" she asked quietly. "I got held up in sickbay when I went to return the medkit."

As the waiter brought the drink over that Vic had ordered, Nim ordered herself a cocktail before turning her attention back to Vic. "Did you get through the work you needed to finish up?"

Vic moved the drink on the table where he wanted it and then turned his attention to the doc. "No, I figured it will be there next shift. I cleaned up the office some and then went to get changed. Its nice having some down time."

"It is nice, not having to always be on." She accepted the cocktail as the waiter returned and took a sip, watching Vic over the top of her glass, a small smile playing on her lips. "I haven't actually made it over to the starbase yet, I should make time for that at some point before we leave. I've heard the promenade has some amazing shops to browse."

"Of course if you need an escort on your journeys I am always willing." Vic said with a equal grin as he took a sip. "I was out people watching and ran into the CO on the promenade but didn't check out any shops."

"I always welcome your company," she said quietly, leaning forward on the table, her small hand resting over his. She smiled slightly, realizing that it wasn't just something she was saying to be polite, she really did enjoy his presence.

Vic was glad his species don't show any outward reaction to blushing. It would be pretty obvious when her hand brushed the top of his. Even though mainly a rocky exposure Brikarian skins are very sensitive to touch especially in the hands and feet. "You said you got held up in sickbay. Everything ok?"

Pulling her hand away and picking up her glass, Nim nodded quickly. "One of the junior doctors asked me to consult on a medical file. Some confusing bloodwork led to an incorrect diagnosis and the prescribed treatment could have been disastrous because of a preexisting medical condition," Nim explained, turning her glass in her hands. "This junior doctor though realised something wasn't right and halted the treatment before it started and called me in for consult. It all worked out well in the end and I'm glad that Ensign Callaway saw the results for what they were."

Vic listened actively to the story unfold. "Wow good job by them." He said as he took another drink. "Its nice when you have competent staff that you can count on to catch things like that."

"It's a relief," Nim replied with a smile. "I mean, I still feel overwhelmed most days at the idea of having to run a whole department. It was definitely much easier when all I had to be concerned about was my patients instead of every patient that enters," She laughed softly. "But I'm sure you feel the same with Security?"

"It gets easier over time." He started as he looked into her gorgeous eyes. "Building the team around you is a big help cause then you can pass some of that stress and work off and trust it will be handled."

"How long have you been department head for?" Nim asked, leaning forward and resting her chin on her hands as she watched him, genuinely interested in learning more about him.

Vic looked at the ceiling thinking back. "Let's see it was eighty one when I took over on the Boseman. So that's twelve years." He said returning his gaze back on Nim.

"Really" Nim asked, surprise clearly evident in her features. "I knew Brikarian physiology was different to most humanoids, but you don't seem to be anywhere near old enough to have been department head for that long," She grinned as she sat upright, picking up her drink and taking a sip.

Vic watched her and just got lost in the sight of her lips on the glass. She did something to him that he had not felt in many years. "Why is it I enjoy just being in your company." He just came forward and said out loud.

Nim paused, a small smile playing across her lips as she lowered her glass, watching him. "I don't know," she said quietly. "But I'm glad you do, because I enjoy your company as well."

The two just sat sipping on their drinks and enjoying the time together. Finally Vic broke the silence. "So what makes Nim tick?"

"What makes me tick?" Nim laughed and shook her head. "Well, pretty sure it's not a time bomb," she said with a silly grin. "How about we order some dinner? Food is definitely up there, and I don't know about you but I'm starving!"

"Food is good." He said with a grin as he motioned for the staff to come take their order. "I would like a bowl of strawberries and nuts please."

"Hmmmm..." Nim paused thoughtfully for a moment. "Baked potato please, with butter, cheese, bacon, pineapple and sour cream?" She grinned and looked back at Vic. "No where near as healthy as your fruit and nuts, but I'll spend extra time at the gym tomorrow... which, you know, is a total lie because I have no intention of going to the gym tomorrow. I'll set my alarm, roll over, ignore it until it annoys me too much, tell it to shut up and then go back to sleep for that extra hour," she finished with a laugh.

"Nice thing about my peoples is we don't really gain or loose body mass depending on what we eat. We are just big no matter what. May also have to do with our traditionally health diet of fruits and nuts." Vic explained.

"I'd never cope," Nim said with a shake of her head. "I have an unhealthy fixation with chocolate, I don't think I've ever actually met a chocolate I didn't like... I'm also inherently lazy so the idea of 'sweating it off' on a treadmill doesn't do it for me." She shrugged slightly, picking up her glass again. "Life is short, it should be enjoyed. Drink the pretty coloured drinks, eat the food that makes you happy. Don't you think?" She leaned back in her seat, watching him, smiling. She felt more relaxed in that moment, more at peace, than she had since they'd left the colony.

"I agree you should definitely live life to enjoy it or you're not living in the first place." Vic said and then looked around the room taking in just how empty it was right now.

"It's quiet," Nim commented softly. "I think most of the crew are over on the Starbase enjoying their down time." She smiled as she glanced around before turning her attention back to Vic. "So what are your plans for the rest of the shore leave?" she asked with a smile, silently wondering if maybe they might find more time to spend together before getting back to active duty.

"I saw some shuttle assignments for the CO and XO maybe going some where I forget now I had to assigned a security detail." He said as the food made its way on the table. "I really didn't have any plans I was just going to get some stuff done at around here and relax other then that." He stopped to take a strawberry in. "Did you have anything you wanted to do other then check out the shops?"

"I hadn't actually thought about it to be honest," Nim replied as she gratefully accepted her plate. "Thank you very much," she said as she offered a smile to the staff member that delivered her meal. "I might try and book some holodeck time over on the starbase. What about you?"

Vic finished chewing what was in his mouth. "Have any certin holoprograms in mind?" He asked hope she didn't mind him prying

"I actually haven't even thought about it, it's been so long since I took any actual down time. Normally when any ship I've been on has had shore leave I've stayed in sickbay. It's kind of a novel concept to actually not have active duty shifts right now. So, not a clue, but I'm definitely open to suggestions, and company if you have nothing else planned," she said with a smile.

"I am sure we could think of something." He said with a coy look on his face as he finished his bowl.

Nim finished her baked potato and sighed contentedly. "Why is it that bad food always makes you feel the best?" she asked rhetorically before laughing as she looked across at him.

The two continued there small talk and planning their time on Shore leave.


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