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Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 2:07am by Commander Keith Anderson & Lieutenant Commander Sorvek & Lieutenant Commander Sebell Briggs

Mission: Shore Leave - An Internal Affair
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Keith and Sebell had been discussing recrewing efforts through most of the morning, sitting in Keith's ready room, but eventually talk had turned to their upcoming trip back to earth.

"Yeah, I worked out with an old friend of mine, so we'll have a cabin on the lake, right at the foot of the mountains," Keith said, smiling. "My dad is going to try and come out to join us. You might even get to meet my sister," He added. "Hope that's not too much of an Anderson overload," He said, grinning at his XO.

"That will be nice. Meeting family is like meeting an extension of yourself in base form: not quite on the nose, but in there somewhere. I look forward to meeting them," answered Sebell with a curt little nod of her head.

Keith grinned, "Good. I think you and Meghan will get on great," He said. "She's got that... laid back, no-nonsense thing down pretty well. Maybe not 'raised partially by a Vulcan' well, but getting there," He said with a laugh.

Arching an eyebrow, Sebell glanced up at Keith with an odd expression. "I was not raised at all by a vulcan, Commander. My vulcanisims are all individual to me and my self-discovery I'm proud to say."

"I thought you were with your mom for a while," Keith replied, curiously.

"I was too young to remember anything of her. Old enough to miss the developmental markers of a normal vulcan child, but too young to remember any of it. When she granted my father custody, I didn't see her again for over two decades. Even then, there wasn't the acknowledgement, so I grant her little thought, either." It was all rattled off coolly as if she'd told the story enough that there was no edge to it.

"Mmm..." Keith said, taking that all in, especially the tone. "I'm sorry your mom couldn't see what an incredible woman you are," He said, earnestly. "I'm glad you dad did," He said, smiling.

"Thank you," she said with a dip of her head. "What was is what was important. I was and am happy. Did you have both parents growing up?"

"I did," Keith said, nodding. "I was always closer to my dad than my mom... she was into society things. Tea parties and social clubs and the like," He explained. "My sister and I, we both loved being out in the woods, hiking a mountain, kayaking around a lake... Just being out where it was quiet and peaceful. Mom couldn't stand the bugs and... well... all the nature, out in nature," He said, laughing. "She and my dad were close, and we were all of great terms, just... didn't have that bond that Meghan and I had with dad," He explained.

"I understand. There's something primal in the outdoors. Bonds built around it- in my opinion- are always hardier. It's important for growth inward and outward." Not to mention, Sebell thought to herself, that fathers were sort of magical in their own right.

"I couldn't agree more," Keith replied, smiling.

The door chimed and he looked up, "Come on in," He called.

To his surprise, his least favorite Vulcan walked through the door, his usual PADD clasped behind his back, "Commander, I have completed my interviews with your crew and I have written my report," He said, stepping over to the desk and offering Keith the PADD he held.

"Well, you're not here with Security, so I'll assume all was as we told you initially," Keith replied, a sour note in his voice.

"Indeed," Sorvek replied. "As you will find in my report, Commander, I have informed Internal Affairs that the crew of the USS Asger are beyond reproach in a regretful situation. I have reviewed your initial accounts of the situation, and have informed Starfleet Command and the Internal Affairs office that no disciplinary action of any degree is warranted in this situation. You are all free to return to duty, but I have requested that Starfleet Command allow you another week of leave time to fully recover from the ordeal," He said, then slowly added, "And my follow up investigation, which was undoubtedly hard to endure so soon after the event."

Sebell nodded respectfully to the vulcan, pleased, though she kept a lid on it. The last thing that she wanted was grin cheekily and say 'told you so'. Hopefully, Keith would rein it in as well.

"Well," Keith said, clearing his throat. "I appreciate that, Lt. Commander," He said, standing and offering his hand for the Vulcan to shake.

Sorvek shook Keith's hand and nodded, "It is a logical course of action, Commander," He said, giving the man a nod.

He turned to Sebell, "Commander, It was an honor to meet you," He said giving her the traditional Vulcan salute, "Live long, and prosper."

"It was an honor to meet you as well." Sebell's salute wasn't nearly as graceful, but she returned his sentiments with a slight smile.

Sorvek turned to leave, but stopped short of the door, and turned back, slowly, "Commanders... it is an unfortunate part of my job that I am required to approach those that I speak to with an air of accusation... It is my job to seek to upset and expose lies and trickery... and it is this part of my job that I hate the most, especially when dealing with a crew like yours. While I was subjected to emotional responses to be expected, your crew handled themselves with dignity and grace... they are excellent people and I am honored to have met them all," He said, sincerely. "I cannot adequately express my sorrow for what you and your crew have been through, and I hope that they will find peace and closure in the days to come," He said.

Keith looked over to Sebell for a moment, then slowly nodded to the man before him, "Thank you, Lieutenant Commander... I'll make sure to tell the crew you said that." He said, feeling like a bucket of water had been dumped on his anger toward the man.

Not having further investigations or accusations would go far towards helping the crew heal, thought Sebell.

"I appreciate that," He said, offering a slight bow of his head, before disappearing out the door.

Keith stared at the door for a moment, then down at the PADD that showed "INVESTIGATION RESOLVED: SATISFACTORY" in large bold letters and chuckled, "I don't know why I expected that to go ... much worse than that," He said.

"Sometimes it hurts to get the bandage ripped off.." Sebell let the sentence trail off into nothing.

"Only when you do it slowly," Keith said with a grin. "Well... What do you say we open up off station leave for anyone who wants it?" Keith asked, grinning at his XO.

"I think you'll have a very happy crew." The XO said, grinning back at Keith.

"Bout damn time," Keith said with a grin. "Bout damn time."


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