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No Rest for the Wicked [NEW MISSION START]

Posted on Mon Jan 27th, 2020 @ 2:23am by Commander Keith Anderson & Lieutenant Hel Samedi

Mission: Who Can Catch the Sky
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Chief stepped out onto the bridge, a serious look on his face, and motioned for Hel to join him in his ready room, then turned back into the room and took his seat behind his desk, pulling up the data he'd just received on his console and waiting for her to enter.

Hel looked puzzled. This was a little bit out of the norm. Still, she quickly finished up the task she was working on, locked her console and followed him into the ready room with a streeEEeetch and a yawn.

"Take a seat," Keith said, seemingly all business at the moment, "We've got our next orders... it's not pretty."

"Is it ever?" She asked rhetorically, sitting down across from the desk, looking concerned but curious.

"No," Keith said, a wry chuckle escaping him, "Sebell had to make a run home, some sort of family issue, so we'll be starting this run out outselves, but hopefully she'll be rejoining us soon," He explained.

Hel hesitated a moment before speaking. "Well, you can count on me. Hope she's ok." Beat. "Hope her family's ok."

"From what I understand they're all fine," Keith replied, nodding, "Just some urgent business of some form or another," He explained.

"But in the mean time... we've got our orders," He said. "Starfleet Command saw fit to move us to Bravo Fleet, reporting up through Vice Admiral Thrace. Apparently it turns out that they've already had a couple of run ins with this same pirate band and they brought us over to head the investigation since we've had to most up close and personal contact with them," He explained.

"Huh. Same band as on - what was that colony called?" Hel asked. "Are we to just find out information or put an actual stop to them when we do find them?"

"Everbright," Keith reminded her. "Gather info, but the end goal is stopping them and the Admiral as assured me that'll be our job when the time comes," Keith assured her.

"It looks like they may have hit one of our colony worlds again," He said, turning the display to face her and showing her a picture of a sickly yellow-green planet hanging in the depths of space, "That look like an M-class planet to you?" He asked, frowning.

Hel made a face. "Ah, no. No it doesn't. But I'm from Asphodel colony which doesn't look that much better looking from the outside in. If the soil's rich enough I can imagine you'd be able to find people insane enough to live there willingly."

"Fair enough," Keith replied, "But last week it looked like this," He said, swapping pictures and showing a verdant green and blue planet with whispy clouds in the atmosphere, "The Federation lost contact with the colonies there two weeks ago. After the second week, they sent out a probe and found this. The probes weren't able to penetrate the fog surrounding it, but the readings are consistent with what the scientific teams on the surface thought the planet was like pre-flora evolution," He explained.

"... Oh." Hel furrowed her brows. "That's both terrifying and enraging, that someone would do that. Do we have any idea how or why?" she mused. "Organized groups don't go through all that kind of trouble if they didn't have a specific goal in mind."

"Still nothing," Keith explained, shaking his head. "That's why Bravo wants us out there, to investigate and see if there are any survivors."

"Hm." Hel mused, contemplating for a moment. "I think we have everything under control in engineering, so I can concentrate on acting Ex Oh duties. See what I can find out about the region, colonies in the area, the movers and shakers."

Keith nodded, "Sounds good. I'll reach out to Sebell and see if she's going to make it back. We've got a departure time of 0800 tomorrow morning," He said, checking his chronometer, "Gives us about eighteen hours to get everything settled and ready," He said.

"Sounds to me like I've got my work cut out for me." Hel gave a nod. "Was there anything else?"

"That's it," Keith said with a nod. "Dismissed, Lieutenant," He said with a grin. "Once more, into the black."

"Once more, onto the breech." Hel smiled, rising to her feet to head out.


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