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Last Night In Town

Posted on Thu Feb 6th, 2020 @ 9:56pm by Chief Petty Officer Alexi Briggs & Ensign Nirrti Samedi

Mission: Who Can Catch the Sky
Location: Quartermaster's Office

"Copy that, sir. We're mostly done with our resupply already," Alexi was saying to the open comm channel as she saw Nirrti enter the room. She gave a wink and pressed her finger to her lips, but motioned for her to come on in, "I've already had the folks on the station start prepping us for launch. I figured once you and the XO got back, there wouldn't be much time before we were off again," She said.

"Good," Keith's voice said, over the comm. "I should have known you'd be two steps ahead."

"Always, bossman," Alexi said with a grin. "Anything else?"

"That's it, Anderson out." His voice replied, and the computer chimed that the line closed.

"Hi, Nirrti," Alexi replied, brightly. "What brings you down to my dungeon of horrors?" She asked, playfully.

"Boredom, mostly. Plus, I'm always up for some horrors." Nirrti flashed a grin. "Though right now I'm trying to decide which of my two favorite activities to invite you in to. So I'm going to let you choose." Beat. "Shenanigans, or mischief?"

"A tough call, to be sure," Alexi replied, seriously. "Since it's our last night on the station... why not both?" She asked, giving the other girl a wicked grin. "My shift just ended, so... I'm free whenever."

"Both? Both is good." Nirrti rocked back and forth on her feet, hands behind her back, putting on a thinking face. "There's a carnival on the station. Been meaning to visit it. Try the shooting gallery. Get drunk. Then try it again. Maybe ride one of those bucking bull watchamacallits. Sit at a table, eat ice cream and whistle at cute boys. Or girls."

An odd look flickered across Alexi's face at that, but she recovered quickly, "Girls, too, huh?" She said, in a somewhat teasing tone. "Why you tart you. That's not fair, playing both sides. No one is safe," She said, giving her friend a big grin and a wink.

"All of that sounds amazing. Meet you at the egress ring in thirty? I just need to change and freshen up a bit," she said.

"I was raised open minded and to appreciate all beauty." Nirrti smiled. "Wear something comfortable and easy. I can't guarantee it'll survive the night intact, depends on how the shenanigans go down."

"Wow, just blatantly threatening to rip my clothes off now?" Alexi replied, a look of mock shock on her face. "How audacious," She teased as she stepped passed her and gave her a playful elbow in the side, "Behave, missy. Now I know you're checking out my butt," She teased, before giving a wave and heading off down the hallway.

Nirrti had actually meant in case they'd get drinks spilled over their clothes or they'd get damaged on a mechanical bull or another ride, but she giggled at Alexi's teasing anyways, following the other woman out. Though once out the door they parted ways, Nirrti to head to the egress ring early and get a lay of the land so to say, seeing what kinds of rides there were available as she waited for Alexi.

Just shy of 30 minutes later, Alexi walked around the corner in well worn blue jeans and a T-shirt with "Nightwish" in elegant script letters emblazoned on the front, "Ready to raise hell?" She asked with a grin.

Nirrti herself was wearing black leather pants, laced red on the sides, over heavy leather boots, and a black bandshirt with a barely legible logo on it in fiery red letters. If asked, she would say that it was for a band called 'Shylmagoghnar'. A black choker and black fingerless gloves completed her outfit.

Together the two had a fun time exploring the carnival. Alexi turned out to be the better shot at the shooting gallery, Nirrti proved the nimbler and more tenacious person riding the mechanical bull. The haunted house saw the both of them scream and jump in each other's arms at some of the scares, ending with gales of laughter at the silliness of the situation.

"God I haven't had this much fun since I was a little kid," Alexi said amid laughter. "How about you?" She asked, abandoning her usual standoffish nature and looping her arm through Nirrti's. If she couldn't trust Nirrti at this point, she couldn't trust anyone.

"Mmhm. Wouldn't be here otherwise." Nirrti smiled, looking around for the next thing to do. Just a moment to slow down and get a drink, maybe. She wandered towards a terrace with lots of small tables-for-two and sat down at one. "How 'bout a drink? Anything goes. My treat."

"Sounds good... I wonder if they do Risan Sunrises here," Alexi mused, looking over the menu, full of an odd assortment of Bajoran treats.

"We sure do, miss." smiled a waitress, approaching the table with a smile. "In fact, there's a 50% discount on every purchase if you're a couple. Propphet's Union Day celebration."

"Oh," Alexi peeped, a bit wide-eyed, and looked over at Nirrti, "Uhm..." The trouble maker in her was screaming to say 'we've been together for years!', but she was still so kid glove with friendships, she was terrified of scaring off her first real friend.

Catching on to Alexi's expression Nirrti grinned. "Oh that's no problem." as she took Alexi's head by the cheeks and leaned in to kiss her full on the mouth.

The waitress chuckled and gave a nod. "Alright, I'll make a note. Have you two decided?"

Alexi, to her credit, handled the sudden smooch with a surprising level of grace, giving Nirrti a nose wrinkle and a smile before turning back to the waitress and smiling, "My darling and I will have two Risan Sunrises and an order of mozzarella sticks with marinara, please," She said, smiling broadly. Inwardly, her head was spinning, and she was impressed by her own outer cool... god she hoped her outer was cool.

It was. So cool in fact that Nirrti, as she sat back and wore a warm and practiced smile, wondered if she maybe had gone too far. She tended to be very seat-of-her-pants, impulsive, and sometimes that got her into trouble. "That sounds lovely." she said.

The waitress gave a wink and a nod. "Two Risan Sunrises and mozarella sticks with marinara, got it. Won't be long." before heading off.

Once the waitress was out of range, Alexi looked over at Nirrti with a wide-eyed, but bemused look, "You kissed me, madam." She said, playfully.

"I did." Nirrti smiled, though her smile faltered. "You ok? I mean, I know I'm impulsive, I just thought - .. well, I didn't think. Not really. .... You ok?"

"I..." Alexi's face went blank for a moment and then a bit confused as a whole different wave of thoughts struck her, as she sat staring at this woman who had accepted her - all of her - without a second thought... and she was struck by just how beautiful she was, now that she really stopped to think about. "I... want you to do it again," She said... a shy little grin curling her lips. "If... you want to, I mean..."

Immediately, inwardly, she panicked, because she'd just upped the stakes without thinking... she'd said she was impulsive, that she hadn't thought... The chiding noises in her mind started, 'Stupid Alexi. You don't even know how to people. Well, you probably just screwed this up royally. Not like you deserve friends anyway...'

Not party to Alexi's inner monologue Nirrti leaned in to kiss her again, though a bit slower this time, paying attention to the other girl's reaction. They were going to have a good heart to heart after this, when they came back home. But, for now, why not enjoy themselves. You only live once. Right?

The voices in Alexi's head abruptly shut up as Nirrti's lip's found hers again. Alexi returned this kiss this time, tentatively at first, but more in earnest as it lingered, her hand finding its way to Nirrit's waist as the two of them kissed.

When Nirrti pulled away, Alexi was blushing furiously with a shy little grin on her face, "Sorry... I... That was nice," She said, fumbling for words and feeling a fool. A happy fool, but one nonetheless.

"Your bashfulness is showing." Nirrti grinned, sitting back and folding her hands together on the table all proper like.

"Oh shut up," Alexi teased, scooting her chair around next to Nirrti's and looping her arm through the other woman's before resting her head on her shoulder, "Shut up," she said again, quietly, a smile on her face and a pounding heart. She didn't know what was happening...

But she liked it.


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