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Getting Ready to Fly

Posted on Tue Feb 11th, 2020 @ 9:02pm by Commander Keith Anderson & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Mission: Who Can Catch the Sky
Location: Operations Offices

Keith walked into the Operations Offices looking for his chief. He knew that between Hel and Sebell this would be almost redundant, but this was more than just a by the books visit. Keith was still worried about the mental well being of his crew after such a brutal mission just a few weeks ago. Valeria was next on his list, though he was certain that Hel was doing wonders of healing her wounds.

"Lieutenant? Got a sec?" He asked, spotting the rabbitess across the deck.

Her glance was upon him even before he walked into her office. With each step he took, she completed a task or set aside a distraction so that upon his entry, her entire focus was upon him. It almost had a weight to it, a burden to be this rabbitess' entire focus. Some might enjoy the attention, others might find it intimidating. She, found it comforting to let someone know that there were no distractions.

"Of course sir. What can operations do for you?" she offered, polite and calm, a ghost of a smile on her features. Which was more than most would get outside of Hel herself. Rumor has it, Hel actually has gotten to see Valeria smile.. actually smile!

Keith, in return, gave her his trade mark grin, "Just wanted to make sure that everything was looking good now that we're back... and that my chief is good to go," He offered, taking a seat across from her and crossing his legs casually.

"As far as the department goes, Operations is ready for whatever you choose to throw at it. Our latest batch of diagnostics is complete, and I dare say that the computer core is at about the same level of efficiency as it was when it was installed." a pause, "Anything I could think of to improve its design would require a requisition and a treaty or two, so to save on paperwork, we're as fine as can be."

There was a heavy pause. "As for myself..." it was her turn to relax, crossing her legs as she leaned back a bit, "I am... as well as can be expected, and maybe a little more. Between a few techniques from home, silent reflection, and Hel, I feel I've made very good progress towards a full recovery."

"How will I know when I've fully recovered?" a pause, "I never will know. I suppose just one day, things will finally be back to a point of normal. Until then, ice cream therapy and hot baths will have to suffice." a smirk.

"And yourself?"

"Better after the trip home. Still... Stings... But I've got it all where it needs to be up here," he said, tapping his forehead.

"I don't know if it's common knowledge yet, but we've been moved into Bravo Fleet and our primary mandate right now is to track down this pirate crew and end their activities. Bravo was already aware of some of it, so they had us transferred and divulged all the Intel they had to us, and talked is with finding them," he explained. "Some of it is heavily encrypted... I thought some of your techs might be able to break it?" He asked.

"I look forward to the challenge." she offered. "Will I need to re-authorize my access to the Buoy network with the new fleet, or will your authority still stand?" she asked, not wanting to step on proverbial toes.

"No, that was transferred with us. Luckily, that one fell on a Starfleet level, not an individual fleet level," He said with a grin. "So you'll be just fine to access the buoy network as needed," He explained.

Valeria gave a nod, "I'm grateful to have to avoid any more paperwork, or any more exposure. The Buoy network is one of our greatest achievements. Though, I don't think I need to actually remind you of that." a soft smile graced her features.

"That being said, if mortal minds cannot crack the encryption with sufficient tools and time, I'd like to call in a favor to see if a machine mind could. I don't have much time on the ration card to rent out some computing power on a university installed Dalacari Thinking Engine, but I could call in a ration or two from my folks to buy an hour of time with the machine." she offered.

"I just wonder what I'll do with the other fifty eight minutes once it cracks the code." she giggled. "Dalacari universities have civilian model Thinking Engines. Massive quantum calculation engines. I'll show you one sometime."

"Sounds absolutely fascinating," Keith replied with a grin. "You do that. Let me know what you come up with, okay?"

"Of course, though, as I said, I get the first shot." she smirked, "A box opened by hand is best over a box opened by proxy." she cited. "Though, I suppose in my station, opening boxes by proxy is tantamount to my position." she giggled. "Feel free to send the encrypted messages to me whenever you get the moment. I'll make them a priority."

She paused, "Though, if it takes longer than a week, expect an angry message from Hel."

Keith laughed, "Well, I don't want that. I think most of this is long haul stuff... Nothing critical to the current mission, so you can take your time on it, but... it could be relevant to the larger mission. Starfleet intelligence is cracking at it now as well, but I reminded them they didn't have a Dalacari at their beck and call, so they gave them to us as well," He said, grinning at her.

Another soft smirk was her response, "I'm uncertain if Beck and Call is the appropriate term. Call, yes. Beck, hardly. Though, I get your meaning. I'm certain Hel would thank you for giving me some free time." she giggled gently.

"Will there be anything else Operations can do for you?"

Keith grinned, "Nothing at this time, my friend. Let's get these sorry excuses for sentient life, eh?" He said, offering her a hand to shake.

She took the hand and gave him an honest handshake. The human means of greeting, conducting business, and saying goodbye all through one singular motion still baffled her slightly. She offered a soft smirk, "You know, back in the empire... stealing from those who could afford it was a problem, punishable by a fine or labor. Stealing from those that couldn't was punishable by death."

"Though, I doubt Starfleet will exact Ts'usu's imperial justice." she offered. "But yes, let's stop them before more lives are jeopardized."

Keith gave her a smile and a nod, "I'll leave you to it then, Lieutenant. Let's get this show back on the road," He said, giving her a casual salute as he headed back out of the offices.

The salute was answered in kind. It was only proper.


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