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Working out

Posted on Thu Apr 23rd, 2020 @ 11:47pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Dina Vossiborn & Commander Keith Anderson

Mission: Who Can Catch the Sky
Location: Holodeck 3

Dina was working up a sweat in the holodeck while the Aster was laid over. And for a Sirran - especially a combat trained one - 'working up a sweat' tended to involve some biblical feats of strength and violence. In Dina's case the setting was a jungle clearing and the program was a hand-to-hand combat one, involving her alone against three Nausicaans.

Keith walked in just as one of the Nausicaans slammed into a tree right next to the arch at high velocity. He snarled and rushed back toward Dina who was in the midst of fending off the other two quite deftly. Keith leaned against a nearby tree - hopefully out of the range of flying Nausicaans - and watched as the Sirran finished her fight.

What he saw was an exercise in crowd control. Dina couldn't fight three at once, so she put effort into keeping one away - the one that had hit the tree next to Keith at some velocity. As he charged back she turned her attention to the two near her and sent another one flying and collapsing onto the ground with a massive roundhouse kick.

Still in the turn for her kick she lowered her body, deftly dodging a brutal swing from the third Nausicaan, reaching a long and powerful arm out to grab him by the front of his clothing, pull him towards her and delivering a biblical blow with her other hand, sending him straight to meet the Migrator with a nasty CRACK that might've come from his neck, might've come from his skull.

Two left. Far more even odds.

The one who'd met the tree now reached her and she spun to meet him, snarling in pain as a beastly kick hit her in the thigh. She staggered back a bit, trying to regain her footing, as the other one she'd sent flying got to his feet again and started back towards her - she'd have to deal with the one who'd kicked her quickly or she'd have two to contend with once more.

As the nearer one lowered himself slightly and moved to bull rush her she mirrored the action and with a snarl collided with the large alien - but still, a head shorter than her and half her weight, he couldn't brace himself enough to keep from being carried forward by her massive form, and wither another sickly CRUNCH he met his end slammed by her massive bulk into the tree right next to Keith.

" .... Oh, hi Captain. Computer! Halt program!" she stood up straight, wincing, rubbing the back of her back as behind her the third and final Nausicaan froze in mid tackle.

Keith sat, looking at the hovering form of the other Nausicaan who hadn't even hit the ground when she froze the program, the light still in the process of fading from his eyes, a sort of bemused look on his face before he finally spoke, "Remind me to never piss you off, okay? Or like... remotely disgruntle you..."

She gave a low, rumbling chuckle, even as her chest was still heaving from exertion. "Don't worry. The moment I lose my mind enough to confuse friend and foe, I fully expect you to be the one to put me down." she smiled, not quite showing enough on her face to tell him whether she was just playing with him or deathly serious.

"I'll... keep that in mind," Keith replied, narrowing his eyes at her, but giving her a wry grin as well. "How are you doing?" He asked, getting right to the point of the visit.

"Better. Shoulder's still a bit sensitive - " she rolled her shoulder and winced slightly as if to demonstrate " - but I've got full use of it back. Got lucky the shot didn't hit structure, just meat. I'm back on full duty."

"Good," Keith said, nodding. "I know that... you took a hit, on a couple of levels down there, and I wanted to make sure that you were okay," He explained. "I know I've had a hard time with it, so... figured you did as well," He told her, earnestly, looking up at the enormous lupine woman before him, searching for any sign of heart ache.

"I'm - ... Holding up." she mused, ears laying back a bit as she spoke. "... computer, Monsegvi city, Sirrah. Migrator square. No people." and the scene changed to that of a massive city, with grand, enormous towers, equally oversized other buildings. They stood on a city square, ancient almost beyond reckoning, with twice-lifesized statues of Sirran heroes around a fountain, and everything was sized for the Sirran people. Including the old cafe that Dina now led Keith to and motioned to a seat at a table for him to take.

"Nightmares are better now. Only have 'em once every few days instead of a few a night. Am actually getting some sleep now. Aryen's mental exercises really help." she mused, manifesting a tall, Sirran-sized glass of some purple fruit juice for herself.

Keith chuckled a bit as he almost had to climb to get into the chair opposite her at the table, "You know... I'm starting to appreciate how awkward it must be sitting in a normal human sized chair," He mused.

"I'm glad it's fading... I'm about there too. Less nightmares, more... just bad dreams now, too, I guess," He explained. "Went back to my family's cabin on earth. Stared at the mountains and the lake for a while, went surfing with Sebell... got to talk to my old CO in person for a bit... it was good," He told her with a smile. "Maybe you can do the same sometime soon?"

Dina couldn't help but chuckle at seeing Keith struggle a bit to find a comfortable sitting position on the oversized - for him - chair. "Yeah it's a constant struggle trying to find a space for our tails." she mused, before turning more serious again.

"I'd like to. But we're nowhere near enough to Sirrah for me to be able to visit without being gone for several months. I just kept myself busy here on the station." Beat. "Tell you what, if were nearby some time I'll show you some of the sights."

"I will take you up on that," Keith replied with a grin. In honesty, as impressive as the holodeck simulation was, he really did want to see it with his own eyes. "We've got our new mission," He told her. "We've been transferred to Bravo Fleet and we're being sent after the pirates," He said.

"Oh, good!" She sat up, ears perked at that news. "That'll help. Ridding the quadrant of those fangless whelps."

"That's pretty much how I was looking at it," He explained. "Bravo has a mandate for ships to have what it's referring to as Hazard Teams on any active engagement vessels... That'd be us. Basically, what it would be is a specialist group of crew members who will have access to additional training and be called upon for more strenuous missions like going after the pirates... I was wondering if you'd want to head that up for the Asger? You'd still keep your diplomatic posting, of course, but you'd have more access to tools and equipment when it comes time for missions," He explained.

"Things like armed combat, unarmed combat, infiltration, strike missions, things like that?" She flicked an ear, considering for a moment.

"Yes, but also hot zone rescue missions, asset retrieval. Anything that could be more dangerous or require a more specialized set of skills," Keith explained.

Another nod, ears flopping a bit. "You know, that sounds like fun. Lot of work, but it's a poor Sirran that ever said no to that." she grinned. "Going to have to work closely with security, engineering, intelligence - would need to set up training regimens, inventory equipment, see what we need, interview team members ... "

A smile appeared on Keith's face, broadening as she spoke, "That's the general idea, yes," He said, happily. "So you're in?"

"Yeah I'm in." Dina sat back, taking a swig of her drink. "Gonna have to start reading up on what's required, take courses - lot to do. What time frame we looking at here you want us operational?"

"As soon as possible, but don't kill yourself to do it," He explained.

"Got it." she smiled. "Sounds like fun. Keeps a girl busy."

"I'm glad you're with us, Dina," Keith replied, patting her on the shoulder. "I gotta get back to it," He said, standing. "Don't break the holodeck with any of those kicks, yeah?" He teased.

"If I do, just take it as a lesson to build your stuff stronger." Dina smirked.


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