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A Case Of The Blues 2

Posted on Sun Mar 8th, 2020 @ 1:44pm by Lieutenant Aryen Colan

Mission: Who Can Catch the Sky
Location: Counselor's office
Timeline: Current


Aryen shook her head and pursed her lips in umbrage. "That must have been humiliating. Tell me what you felt at that moment."

Both antennae were now curled backward and he leaned slightly away from the counselor,

"I was angry, I wanted to hit him, I wanted to punch him in the face."


His face became a shade or two darker blue, "but maybe I felt a little guilty too. He accused me of staring at his ass."

"I may have noticed it, but I wasn't staring at it."

"Help me understand what upset you so, the fact he accused you of staring at him or the fact that he wanted you to pay for his services?

The Andorian shook his shoulders and looked down at the floor before looking back up at the counselor. "Him accusing me of staring made me feel guilty, him wanting me to pay just pissed me off."

"They were kind of close to even, but I think if I had to choose, I'd say his accusing me."

"It made you feel guilty? Why is that?"

"Not guilty that I did anything wrong. Exactly But, if I wasn't even aware I was staring and I should have had more control. And I always thought there should be, you know some romance, or at least you should know the person's name. I mean not that I was thinking of, em taking him up on his offer."

"Oh yeah, and I got caught. That was another thing about it."

Aryen smiled gently. "Yes, it makes one feel exposed to be caught out. I think most people will feel a little like you did. It is just how one reacts to it that makes the difference. You have quite of lot of strong emotions that you carry inside you, and they spill over quite easily. It is important that you learn how to control your feelings when you interact with others. When you feel angry, where do you feel it in your body?"

The Andorian teen looked at the counselor curiously. "What part of my body? Em, I don't know if I can answer that."

He pointed to his head as his antennae twitched. This is where I feel it. He flexed his hands. "Sometimes, I want to hit someone if that's what you mean."

"I want to know what happens in those moments before you want to hit someone. Some people feel their heart beats faster, some feel hot in their chests or necks, or they make a fist. I want to know what happens to you. Just close your eyes for a moment, and imagine you are very angry. Describe to me what happens, what you feel and where..."

Ren blinked at the counselor a few times, but then closed his eyes. "My heart beats faster, my antennae stand up straight, and I do make a fist."

"That's what gets me in trouble. I usually throw a punch once that happens."

"Ok, let's do a role play," Aryen said getting up. "I will play the person that aggravated you. Show me where I should stand and you stand where you were and what he said."

Once he described it, Ayren took in the position he indicted, looking at him and placing her hand on her hip. "Close your eyes. When I speak I want you to imagine it's real. Feel what you felt," she said. "And if you can't, just try to copy or act what you felt. That will be good enough. We just want to focus on the anger."

"Twenty strips and some quiet," she said. "You know.... Someplace out of the way where nobody can hear..." she said.

(rofl-this is fun. I'm sure Kyle aka Hare is going to be amused. I know I am)

Ren knew it was just an exercise that the woman standing in front of him was a counselor, not the universe damned Orion that had taunted him. But her words, delivered in the same condescending tone made it easy to imagine it was real.

He straightened to his full height, fighting the urge to curl his hands into fists or shove her.

" I want," he said his voice cracking.

Aryen could sense that he was very close to breaking the tenuous control he exhibited, and she decided not to push him much further. "Now focus on what you feel, where do you feel the most tension?" she asked her voice challenging enough to keep him emotionally charged, but hopefully not push him over the edge. This was something she could work with.

"I guess my hands. I mean I know you're not him but I am, or I was having to keep myself from making a fist."

"Make that fist...". When she saw him clenching the fist she continued.

"Now I want you to focus on your fist, become very aware of the fist, put all your attention on that ball of tension..."

He gave her a skeptical look like only a teenager (of any species) could give and rolled his antennae forward, but he did as she requested.

"Still focus on your fist, breathe in, and as you breathe out slowly, relax your fist, your hand, your arm. Feel the tension flowing out of you. Breathe in and out again, slowly."

He followed her lead again, though this time he gave no outward indication of his skepticism. To his surprise, he found the tactic worked."

After several deep, long breaths he looked over at her a surprised expression on his face.

"Th, that worked. How do I do that in areal life situation?"

"Exactly the same. When you feel yourself getting angry, focus on the place, in this case, your fist, where you physically feel the tension, breath and relax that part of your body. What it does, it takes your attention away from the object of your anger, or the person, and gives you a chance to regain control of yourself."

Ren still had a lot of questions, but they'd been talking for a while and he thought they'd made some progress.

"When can I see you again?" he asked, "could we make this a regular thing?"

Aryen smiled broadly. "Of course, you can come as long as you and I decide together that you need to see me. I suggest no more than once a week. It will give you the time to process what we did and to implement some of the things you learn."

"Yes, I think once a week works for me."

"Great, then I will see you next week," Aryen said as they both moved towards the door opening in passage.


Lt Aryen Colan
Chief Counselor

Civilian Riaothren ch'Shaorhs


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