Posted on Mon May 25th, 2020 @ 9:51pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Dina Vossiborn & Lieutenant Aryen Colan

Mission: Who Can Catch the Sky
Location: Lounge


Aryen left her office after a rather long day. Point number one, she was hungry, point number two she was hungry, and she was a little bored. She could have had Trevor, her replicator make her something, but decided to go to the mess hall. Sonny was always good company, so if there was no one else, she would chat with him.

But he was not the only on there. There was quite a display of fresh food and after filling her plate, she duck behind Sonny's counter to get to her stash of wine. She waved him off with a wink when he wanted to help her. She knew exactly where he kept her wine and whiskey. After filling her glass with a good dry red, she looked around and spotted Dina. With a grin she went to the Sirran. "Hi, may I join you?" she asked

"Hm?" Dina flicked an ear, looking over. She smiled when she saw who it was. "Lieutenant Colan. Of course, feel free, have a seat." the massive creature said. "How're you doing today?"

"Call me Aryen please, we are not on duty now," she said as she sat down. "How am I doing?" she giggled, "usually I ask that question. Hmm, I am starving, I am a bit drained and in the mood for good company and wine. How about you? " she asked taking sip of wine and a bite of food. "I am rude, would you like some wine, it's real, not synthehol," she offered.

"No thanks, I'm fine, Aryen." Dina replied, hefting her massive pitcher of orange juice. "I'm doing ok. Nightmares have almost completely gone. Shoulder's still a little bit sore but I've got all use of it back, so that's good."

"That's good news," Ayren said smiling. "Have you been very busy? I find it awfully quiet," she commented as she took another bite to each. "Don't you think we need a party or something?"

"Hmmm. I dunno," Dina flicked an ear, considering. "I'm usually always up for a party, but I can imagine not everyone's in a partying mood right now. You're probably a better judge of that than I am."

"I suppose you are right, but when last did we have a little let lose kind of fun together as a crew?" Aryen asked.

"Before I came on board." Dina replied, leaning back and rolling her shoulders a bit. "Look, if you want to throw a party, I'm game. You may be right in that people need something like that. Especially now."

"So will you help me? I may know that it is what they need, but I am not very good at implementing my ideas..." she said with a grimace.

"So will you help me? I may know that it is what they need, but I am not very good at implementing my ideas..." she said with a grimace.

"Eh, I'd love to but the Captain just threw a whole department on my shoulders to organize. That's gonna keep me busy for a while. Sorry Aryen." Dina's grimace matched Aryen's.

"Okay, but do you ave any ideas at least?" Aryen asked.

"Something period, maybe?" Dina mused. "There are so many people from so many different places onboard this ship, people with rich histories and I'm sure you could find a nice historical theme to exploit. Have people show up in costume, decorate the lounge, play period music, the works."

"That sounds fun, thank you...." Aryen said with a satisfactory grin. "Maybe there are people with talents that could provide live entertainment..." her mind was running. "I will let you get back to your work, and i will make this work somehow..." she smiled. "Once again.. thank you.." Ayren said as she got up.

"You're welcome. And, was nice talking with you again, Aryen," Dina smiled.