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The Medical and the Drama Queen

Posted on Tue Apr 16th, 2019 @ 1:58am by Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & Ensign Brianna Ceallaigh

Mission: Everbright Colony
Location: Sickbay

Brianna walked passed the doors to sickbay for the fourth time, almost immediately diving out of the way as they automatically parted. "You're being childish!" she scolded herself.

"It's just a medical. You just had one before you gradated. Nothing has changed. It's just a stupid medical. Walk in, get it done and walk out again!" Spinning on her heel Brianna walked toward the doors again, this time careeing away as soon as she heard the doors parting.

Looking up as the doors parted again, for what must have been close to the tenth time, Nim sighed and shook her head. Either someone was outside or there was a problem with the door, either way it needed to be dealt with before it drove her crazy. Setting down the PaDD in her hand, she walked across to the doors, stepping into the hall and glancing around, almost colliding with the shock of blonde curls that was pacing furiously. "Can I help you with something?" Nim asked gently, supressing a smile.

Looking across at the dark haired Trill, Brianna swallowed hard. "I... uh... I..." She shook her head quickly. "I just arrived on the ship, I need a medical before I can start duty shifts?"

"Okay, well, how about we start by getting you inside?" Nim asked gently. "I'm Lieutenant Vixil, the Chief Medical Officer, but call me Nim, I promise I don't bite." It was hard for her to keep a straight face at the obvious ill ease of the young officer, but she was trying.

"Ensign Brianna Ceallaigh," Brianna replied with a faint smile, though really it was probably closer to a smile that made her want to faint. "Do I really have to go in there? I mean, can't I just stand here and you scan me through the bulkhead or something? I only just had a medical a few weeks ago when I graduated, nothing's changed, I'm fighting fit and incredibly healthy so how about you just take my word for it and we call it done?" Her words came so fast they were almost falling over one an other to escape her mouth.

"It doesn't quite work like that Ensign," Nim replied gently, one hand grasping firmly around her upper arm and steering her into sickbay and toward one of the bio beds. "Take a seat. If you've just had a medical then I promise this will be over in a jiffy, okay?"

Turning away, Nim took the two steps to the counter next to her and grabbed a PaDD, thumbing into it to load up Brianna's medical file and scan through it. "Ceallaigh, right? How do you spell that?"

At the exact moment the medical officer turned back, Brianna had slipped off the bio bed and taken two steps toward the door. "I, uh, I just remembered that I need to go and... uh..."

"You just remembered that you need to take a seat, Ensign," Nim replied, her voice taking on a firmer tone. "If you cooperate this is going to be easy. If you run away from me I have to declare you unfit for duty and report it to both your department head and the Captain, and you will still have to come back and get your medical anyway. So how about you just take a seat and let me do my thing and then we can both get out of here, okay?"

Briana sighed and nodded slightly as she pulled herself back up onto the bio bed. "How long will this take? I didn't tell my room mate I was going to be doing anything after work and I don't want her to worry, maybe I should just go let her know..." she said as she started to slide forward on the bio bed again.

"Or you can just sit there and let me do my job," Nim warned again. "The more you try and delay it Ensign, the longer it will take."

"C-e-a-double l-i-g-h" Brianna replied sullenly. "Brianna Aislynn."

"Ah, there you are, found your medical file, so just give me a second to read through..." Nim murmured thoughtfully as she started reading through.

Brianna watched the medical officer concentrating on the PaDD and slipped forward on the bio bed, feet close to the floor as she glanced at the door.

"Don't even think about it Ensign," Nim replied sternly. "Computer, seal sickbay doors, entry only, no exit allowed, authorisation Vixil delta nine sierra red."

"Sickbay has been sealed, no exit will be allowed until restrictions have been lifted." Came the monotone response from the computer.

"That's not fair!" Brianna protested! "You can't do that, that's like, kidnapping and deprivation of liberty! I'm going to file a report with the Captain about this!"

"Good, you do that. That's Vixil, V-i-x-i-l. Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil. Chief Medical Officer. Do you want me to write down my Starfleet ID number for you as well?" Nim asked brightly as she flipped open the tricorder and started scanning. "I suggest you calm yourself down Ensign, your blood pressure is a little high and your pulse is a little quick. I'd really hate to fail your medical and have to make you come back again." Nim tried to suppress a smile at the shocked expression she saw come over the face of the young Ensign.

"I'm being held hostage!" Brianna retorted quickly. "Against my will! Of course I'm tense! Any normal person would be tense if they were being held hostage!"

"Uh huh," Nim murmured absently as she made a few notes on her PaDD then reached for the hypospray and empty vial she had sitting on the bench next to where she was working. Without comment, or giving her a chance to protest, Nim pressed the hypo to Brianna's neck, drawing the vial of blood quickly.

"That hurt!" Brianna objected suddenly. "That's assault! You didn't ask my permission!" her voice was rising in anger.

Stepping back, Nim tipped her head slightly to one side and rolled her eyes at the Ensign in front of her. "You're all done Ensign, you can go. Computer, release sickbay doors. Authorisation Vixil delta nine sierra green."

The doors hissed open easily, leaving Brianna sitting on the bio bed, mouth open, staring the medical officer in surprise. "What do you mean I'm done?" she suddenly asked, uncertainly.

"I mean, Ensign, I've finished your medical. You're tentatively cleared for duty pending a review of your blood pressure and heart rate next week. Now, should I inform the Captain that you're on your way to his ready room?" Nim countered with a sweet smile. "See, I told you it would be quick."

"I... uh..." Brianna slid off the bio bed and glanced between the door and the chief medical officer uncertainly. "No, it's okay," she muttered quickly before she turned on her heel and nearly bolted toward the door. It was only after she had exited, the doors suddenly hissed open once more, Brianna's head popping around the corner. "Uhh... thanks?" she called quickly.

With a smile, Nim nodded. "Any time Ensign," she said with a half wave as she set about tidying up after herself, shaking her head.

There were definitely all sorts that came through sickbay. Clearly this ship was not going to be any exception to that rule.


Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil
Chief Medical Officer
USS Asger

Ensign Brianna Ceallaigh
Security NPC
USS Asger


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